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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Great job. Thank you for being so helpful.

Cal Dueland

November 23, 2022

We chose Hartquist Funeral Home because of Randy. All the staff were all so nice.

Loren Dockter

November 23, 2022

We were so happy with mom's appearance. She was beautiful, so peaceful and looked younger than 98 years old! We chose Hartquist because of their reputation, Christian, and respectful. We appreciated the prompt attention during the night of mom's passing. Matt was wonderful and so compassionate and his "calling" was felt throughout. Wanda was wonderful - so sweet, kind and genuine! Her promptness to detail was so appreciated. Thanks to George Bonnema and Grant Robinson for the kind words and sincerity. Thanks Jeff for a great staff!

Gloria Nelson

November 23, 2022

We chose Hartquist because of the wonderful job you did with my brother Jack Boomgaarden. Everything flowed so well and we will remember the nice appearance of my father in the casket.

Jeff Boomgaarden

November 09, 2022

We feel strongly Hartquist is the right choice - in all aspects. We were able to access Jeff Hartquist at nearly any time of day on any day leading up to the funeral. Jeff Hartquist and his staff gently and respectfully guided us through what was a tragic and heart-breaking loss toward a process of properly saying goodbye in a meaningful and memorable way. He was at our side when we buried my parents in the past three years, and now with my son. We were so very impressed and touched by his willingness to accommodate our wishes. There was no ask that was too big and we are so grateful.

Lori Sorenson

November 09, 2022

We chose Hartquist because we have always had great results! Everything was well organized and they were prompt to respond when we had questions.

Roland and Kim Wolff

November 09, 2022

Mom looked beautiful! A special memory will be seeing her one last time looking so peaceful. Thanks again for all you did for our family when both Dad and Mom passed away.

Jennifer Polzin

November 09, 2022

Matt Nath was very thorough - went above board to help with COVID delays - answered all our questions - Stacey was extremely helpful also. Thank you to both of these people! Lewis did an excellent job also. Thank you for everything you did for my family.

Rebecca Sigmond

November 08, 2022

My husband looked very good and peaceful. Everything went well and smoothly. The funeral home was very nice and clean and the people were very nice and helpful. Our memories are of how well things went and how the Hartquist staff did everything we asked of them.

Michelle Kerkaert

November 08, 2022

Jeff and the staff were very easy to work with and they kept me informed about everything. Everyone was very helpful and very accommodating.

Becky Anderson

November 08, 2022

The Hartquist staff are very friendly and professional! Your team is great! The clarity and patience of your staff is something we will always remember. Everyone was very accommodating to our needs. My daughters were delayed in driving home from Atlanta and your staff kept the viewing open into the evening so they could view Grandma one more time before cremation. Thank you for going the extra mile for them. We had such an amazing time together saying goodbyes. Our family felt loved and accommodated! And thanks for arranging for the gravestone engraver. Thanks again!

Brian Taubert

November 08, 2022

It was very easy working with Hartquist staff as they took care of anything I needed.

Glenn Anderson

November 08, 2022

Our memory will be seeing our loved one for the first viewing - she looked so good and peaceful.

Jill Whipple

November 08, 2022

My mother's birthday was October 25 (she passed on September 4th). On October 25th, I received a lovely text message from Emma that Hartquist was thinking of me on that day and acknowledging mom's birthday. That meant a lot.

Renee Moe

November 08, 2022

After the ceremony when the funeral directors stopped at the casket to pay their respects before proceeding out, it really impressed us all!! We as a family were so impressed with everyone at Hartquist and appreciate everything you did for us! Thank you!

Jean Pap

September 12, 2022

Greta and everyone else was very accommodating especially after we changed our meeting time with them at the last night.

Deb Burckhardt

September 01, 2022

Your staff did an excellent job. I was very comfortable working with them.

Stephen Morgan

September 01, 2022

The most memorable thing about my experience with Hartquist Funeral Home was how calm they were and how they listened and followed my wishes. I was very impressed with the caring they showed with us.

Sandra Van Tassell

September 01, 2022

Jeff guided us in the correct way for our loved one's situation. We were very pleased.

Jack Cragoe

August 08, 2022

I had never been the one to make the final plans for someone. When my parents passed, my brothers and sister in Sioux Falls handled it. Greta made it so easy to ask questions, change things, etc. She is an excellent spokesperson for Hartquist. I can't say thank you enough!

Janet Williams

August 08, 2022

Jeff and his staff are very caring and compassionate.

Julie Nekali and Donna Scholten

August 08, 2022

We had a rather rough experience with hospice and the nursing home so it was wonderful to be treated with such grace, sensitivity, and respect as we received from your staff. Thank you!

Joyce E. Anderson

August 08, 2022

Thank you for all your help with Reva Hoff's funeral. We were especially grateful for your willingness to meet on the 4th of July so we could plan everything within the time we were hoping. Everything exceeded our expectations and we have discussed many times how we wouldn't change one thing - it was perfect. Thank you!

Sharon Knoll

August 08, 2022

You and your staff at Hartquist made a difficult time go smoothly; your care and concern addressed all our family's needs. Thank you again.

Mary Smook

June 28, 2022

Our family was very happy with the help we received after our mother's passing. The staff was very compassionate and caring. Greta was excellent to work with, very compassionate and knowledgeable. She answered questions for me days later and guided me through some confusing paperwork! We appreciated all staff at Hartquist Tyler.

Mona Schrader

June 28, 2022

Thank you all, we could not have asked for a better overall experience during a very difficult time.

Joan Kindt

June 02, 2022

Hartquist Funeral Home did an amazing job making a difficult time easier by doing all the stressful parts of making arrangements, allowing us to have the time and ability to remember our loved one properly. Thank you.

Kevin Klooster

June 02, 2022

We were told you guys were the best and you are! You guys are awesome! You guided us through the worst tragedy our family has seen to date. You made my daughters feel safe and like family. Thank you for everything.

Doug Fortune

June 02, 2022

I've had the pleasure of working with Jeff before. I've seen how he is kindhearted, pays attention to detail and cares for the families he helps. Matt - you're the best. I know my sister struggled with details in the obituary and a few other things. I knew we interrupted your life many times. You never seemed to mind. You paid attention to every detail. You are so kind. You are an example of living your life on mission. I cannot thank you enough. Wanda - you're so kind. Thank you for your kind words and hug as I stopped in the office. Jeff - you have wonderful talent and a great team. I can't think of a thing you could have done any better. Thank you.

Tammy Johnson

June 02, 2022

Every aspect of my husband's service was done with compassion and obvious caring, which gave me and our family comfort knowing that every detail would be as we wanted. There were many decisions to be made and they walked us through each one. We appreciated the professionalism of the entire staff and would highly recommend them to care for your loved one when you are faced with those difficult decisions.

Cheri Jacobson

June 02, 2022

We truly appreciate the professional, caring, and compassion shown by Matt and all of the Hartquist Funeral Home staff.

Brenda Kooi

April 04, 2022

We chose Hartquist Funeral Home because of Jeff. He's such a great guy! I can't say enough wonderful things about how everything was done. Every little detail Jeff thought of for us. He helped us out in every way. Everything was done so perfectly. I can't say enough words to Jeff for all his care for us. He made everything better for us. He did an exceptional job and it will never be forgotten.

Shirley Akkerman

April 04, 2022

We were delighted with the professionalism and the personal touch throughout. Hartquist took our theme and melded it with many items. We were so pleased by this. Again, I don't like casket views, but I was so comforted seeing my uncle look immensely better than I'd seen him for months - AT PEACE and that gave me some peace. Thank you!

Kim Wilson

April 04, 2022

I was glad Jeff told me to always wait for his direction. I felt paralyzed the day of the funeral. I told him I almost stepped on the back of his heels, I was following so closely. It was a lighter moment for me when he laughed at that. Time stood still during the time we planned the funeral. Jeff and his staff made everything go so well. I really didn't have to worry about anything.

Peggy Fransen

March 15, 2022

I can't say enough how thankful we are for the kind, compassionate service that was provided to our family at the time of dad's passing. Matt has a special gift for working with families at a very difficult time. He was very patient and responsive with our questions and concerns. He tried very hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Your whole staff was wonderful. The financial end of things was very upfront and explained well. You should be very proud of the service that you provide to grieving families. Your great reputation is well deserved.

Lynn Somnis

March 15, 2022

I was very pleasantly surprised by how many of the countless tasks of the funeral process were handled by your funeral home and how professionally they were accomplished. Well done!

Timothy Johnson

March 15, 2022

Thanks for everything!

Elaine Hamann Family

March 07, 2022

Thank you for everything!

The Barber Family

March 07, 2022

The entire Hartquist team thinks of little things that ease the burden on families. Matt was extremely kind and compassionate.

Julie Lanoue

January 31, 2022

My mom looked beautiful. I was so happy to see her like that. She had pre-planned her funeral and it was truly another gift from her! It was such a beautiful funeral and went so smoothly. Lewis is a gem to our area. So lucky to have him serving us. All the help was very caring. Thank you all for your kindness and caring at such a difficult time. God bless you all!

Joanne DeRuyter

January 19, 2022

5 Star Service!

Dennis Edwards

January 13, 2022

Working with Greta was great! Very calm, helpful, and pleasant! Very professional!

Diana Nielsen

January 13, 2022

Very thankful for your excellent service! You again went above and beyond with caring, efficient service. Appreciate your Christian/spiritual support and perspective. Your flexibility to allow us to plan and do what is meaningful to us is so appreciated! I think you are right in saying that being actively involved in the funeral helps with healing. Thanks so much for supporting and setting up our cemetery plans! You do an amazing job overall. We were very pleased.

Lynette Wiens

January 13, 2022

The kindness that was shown to our family was far above expectations. The entire team we worked with was so respectful and caring. They made sure that everything we asked for (and even more) was taken care of.

Nadine Schoep

December 29, 2021

Lewis did an awesome job!

Ceedy Johnson

December 29, 2021

Thank you so much, Jeff. You were very kind!

Maria Pilar Hartshorn

December 16, 2021

I want to say thank you for being so kind to the Page family and help us through the difficult task of making arrangements for Stacy Page. You took care of him and his family in a way that even a distraught wife could understand. Again, thank you for being so professional, kind, respectful, and caring. Keep up the wonderful kindness you have shown the Stacy Page family!

Cole Page

December 16, 2021

You are all very caring and professional!! Thank you!

Kay Dubbelde

December 16, 2021

You did a very nice job and we were very satisfied. You were easy to work with and very caring.

Jane Johnson

December 16, 2021

Our families have used your funeral home for years and have always had excellent experiences. Thank you so much for doing an excellent job on everything and helping us plan a service to honor Karen. Your team is incredibly gifted at walking alongside families in some of their most difficult moments. What you do is more than a job or profession...it's a ministry. Thank you for letting your light shine in the darkness and for offering words of hope when talking about death!

Wayne DeGroot

December 16, 2021

Greta was very professional and very detail oriented. I would ask her about something and it had already been taken care of. She is such an asset to our community.

Linda Johansen

December 16, 2021

Hartquist staff helped make a difficult life situation easier to handle. I felt so much better and so very comfortable the entire time. I greatly appreciate all that was done, and the empathy shown was exceptional. Thank you to all who were involved.

Julie Meyer

December 16, 2021

The staff at Hartquist are the best. Their kindness and consideration shows just what a professional organization should look like. They guided us through the saddest time of our lives and was always there for us when we needed them.

Doug Fortune

December 06, 2021

All family members were very impressed with all that was done for our mother. Everyone there asked about our concerns and did all in a respectful way. Couldn't ask for more during this time. Thank you all.

Dale Lichtsinn

November 01, 2021

Jeff is very caring, personal and compassionate! And, he explains the "value" in your loved ones life!!

Lila Tatge

November 01, 2021

Although we were surprised at how the cost of funeral expenses have gone up, we were definitely delighted with the services of Zach Parker. He was absolutely amazing in the care he provided for us. We couldn't have asked for a better care provider. He took care of everything necessary to celebrate our daughter. We could not believe how little we had to do and how comforting it was to know we were cared for. Thank you, Zach, for your wonderful care. Even allowing us to call your cell phone made our lives easier.

Emily Madetzke

November 01, 2021

Our family was treated amazingly during the death of our father. Our wishes were taken into consideration. We were allowed to make all the decisions and choices we wanted to.

Kristina Meulebroeck

October 25, 2021

Hartquist is very kind and caring. Everyone is always very professional.

Colleen Krusemark

October 25, 2021

Lewis and all the staff were/are exceptional. They handled my husband with care and respect.

Victoria McClain

October 25, 2021

We chose Hartquist Funeral Home, not only because it was the closest, but because they are certainly the best! Everything possible was done to make the best of a poor situation. We truly can't thank you all enough. You all made a very difficult time in our lives much easier. I appreciate all that was done in order to tailor everything to our wants/needs, even when we didn't know what we needed ourselves! Thank you again! The Kruger Family

Holly Kruger

October 08, 2021

Totally impressed with the professionalism, kindness, and consideration shown to myself and the respect shown to our loved one's body and care given during the removal. It was a new educational experience. I had no idea about that process and actually had never been asked before after having been with several loved ones (5) when they have died. I realize it isn't something everyone wants to experience, but I found it a helpful part of my ongoing grief process. Our previous experience with Hartquist Funeral Home has been the great professional manner and detail that goes into everything. Thank you!

Elaine Hansen

October 08, 2021

Greta and Zach are always very professional in their interactions! They, and their services, are a tremendous asset to the Tyler community. Glad they are here!

George Jorgensen

October 08, 2021

Lewis did an amazing job of making this very difficult time for our family way less stressful. Thank you again!!!

Pete Johnson

August 24, 2021

I think my family changed their minds several times, even the day of the funeral (about going to the cemetery before the reception, then after, then before again.) Zach was VERY accommodating, even though I knew the deputies would be adjusting blocking traffic. I really appreciated Zack adjusting. He also was able to drive us by mom and dad's house on the way to the cemetery. Very easy to work with - thank you - very sensitive people!

Julie Christ

August 02, 2021

Thank you very much for everything! God bless you! Thank God we have people like you in the world!

Maria Velez-Sorenson

August 02, 2021

I honestly don't know what you could do better to serve families. Your staff is so thorough, compassionate and caring. We feel our experience could not be improved on. We have worked with your staff at other funerals in our church and have ALWAYS been impressed with their professionalism. As a grieving family member this time, it was the same but also compassionate, caring and VERY willing to answer any questions along the way. No question was treated as unimportant.

Linda Boersma

August 02, 2021

Jeff was wonderful with our family. He took time to visit mom and I on several occasions, made sure we had everything ready. He listened to mom and did exactly as she asked. Right down to keeping her letters from my dad with him until burial. (Mom did not want anyone to read them so Jeff took them and kept them for mom.) Wanda was kind and helpful every time I called or came to the funeral home. Jeff treated mom with so much kindness and respect. When he talked about what would happen with mom after she left The Cottage, he always called her "mom" never "your mom". He treated her and us like family!! Thank you, Jeff, for making those first days after losing mom a little bit easier to bear.

Kristi Roemeling

August 02, 2021

Our family was very impressed by how quickly you were able to help us and take care of all our concerns. Your professionalism and respect were greatly appreciated!

Shirley Huiskes

August 02, 2021

Hartquist Funeral Home was the one called on the night of our daughter's death. After talking to Jeff, we felt welcomed. It felt like they cared. It didn't seem to be about the business but the people they were helping. The staff were exceptional towards our feelings. To me what they did for us was perfect.

Ed Cobler

July 27, 2021

I don't know how you can better service that is already excellent!

Carole Sommers

July 27, 2021

Our mom and dad were treated so well and looked so nice in the coffin. Thank you for being so Respectful and Understanding. All of you are Great Christian People - Thank you so much for all of you!!

Kristi Thompson

July 14, 2021

Jeff took time to explain everything and answered all of our questions. He took extra time with the kids and answered all their questions with care and compassion. I appreciate all your help with the human services situation.

Mike and Mary McLaughlin

June 30, 2021

We really appreciated your staff keeping us updated as to what was happening next during the visitation, i.e., we will be closing the casket soon, etc. It's a time that no one is thinking very clearly and to have that guidance was very comforting. Thank you!

Mary Kleinjan

June 30, 2021

We would like to add a special thank you to all the persons involved during the passing of our mom, Fran Hanson. The phone gals were wonderful. Always returned either calls, text or emails. Lewis, Zach and Greta were wonderful. We appreciated being able to go to Tyler for all the details. Zach and Greta went above and beyond to make the service for mom a lasting memory. Even having our great Randy at the service and gravesite. Also, Mark (student taught under mom in Pipestone) and Harlan (taught with Ed at RTR). Thank you!

Ed and Darla Stricklin & Fran Hanson Family (Mike & Judy Hall (Wise) and Daryl & Sharon Hanson (CA)

June 30, 2021

Lewis was so great to work with. He was very personable, knowledgeable, and our whole family was pleased to work with him!

Daniel Johnson

May 27, 2021

They did an outstanding job of restoring dad to the way we remembered him!

Tim Darveaux

May 27, 2021

We felt dad's appearance was the best we have ever seen!

Craig Sanderson

May 27, 2021

Thank you again for being so respectful and compassionate. It is a gift, when we need it the most!

Donna Christianson

May 27, 2021

We all felt your service was excellent, exceptional in every way. You were very helpful with information and advice ahead of time. When services were needed you were extremely helpful, accommodating and willing to adjust to our preferences. We felt we could trust you in every way. Everyone on your team was friendly and professional, as well as kind, sensitive, patient, and respectful. The communication and responsiveness was good. We loved the small-town caring, personal service. Thank you so much for making mom's home-going a special time for our family! Jeff, thanks for noticing our 7-year-old granddaughter was sad and speaking to her!

Lynette Wiens for the Claudette Thone Family

May 24, 2021

You are the best in the business!

Deb Fick

April 19, 2021

In our eyes, there is only one funeral home. We would never choose anywhere else! Hartquist staff is amazing, so professional and accommodating! Death and grief are difficult in itself but made much easier with their help. We had a couple situations out of our control and Hartquist staff helped handle both situations. Amazing experience. Thank you!

Edith Aas and Lisa Petersen

April 19, 2021

Thanks, seems like such a small word when your help at this difficult time was beyond what I expected. You just taking control was nice when I seemed so not to be able to handle more or make any more decisions. Thanks to you all!

Joan Prinsen and Family

April 19, 2021

Hartquist Staff Lewis made everyone of my Dad's request come true! Greta carried out his wishes on the day of the service! from the time Hartquist staff came to get the body till several weeks after the Memorial Service, my Dad's & the entire families wishes were carried out! They handle every detail with dignity & care! I can not tell you how happy I was with their work, & strongly recommend! Their entire staff goes the extra mile to make your wishes become a reality!

Lisa Aas Petersen

April 18, 2021

During the worst imaginable time of my life (losing a child) all the individuals at Hartquist Funeral Home made the process so much easier. They explained and re-explained options to us. I honestly feel a bond now with them. They go above and beyond and are so very professional and personal. Thank you so much for all you did and continue to do for us!

Julie Kent

April 07, 2021

Thank you for your support and patience in helping to make the final plans for the funeral and for allowing us to make multiple trips to have time with our wife/mother at the funeral home. Jeff, thank you for your technical support with the music, slideshow and funeral video. You all did an excellent job and we are glad we chose your funeral home to take care of our loved one's arrangements.

Delmar DeVries

March 11, 2021

We were very impressed with the compassion and professionalism of the staff at Hartquist Funeral Home. Greta and Jeff were outstanding in helping us and continue to help as our celebration of life will take place in June due to the pandemic/covid.

Peggy Pomranke

March 11, 2021

We were all very satisfied with our experience at Hartquist Funeral Home. We would recommend your service to anyone asking. Thank you for your kindness!

Wanda Briggs

March 11, 2021

My family and I were very pleased when first meeting with the funeral director. Nothing was attempted to be pushed on us. Everything was our decision. All of the staff have been very caring and helpful.

Sally Morgan

March 11, 2021

Everything went very orderly and you were very sympathetic to the family. You did a very nice job. It has been a difficult time and we miss him so much. Thanks for everything.

Cynthia DeBoer

February 17, 2021

The staff was pleasant and very professional in every aspect. Very pleased with everything.

Donna Straw

February 17, 2021

Jeff and all of his staff did an excellent job of making sure everything went very smoothly. We appreciated their patience, sensitivity to our needs, and organization. We could not have had a better experience throughout the whole process of planning, visitation and services. Everything was done safely but still allowed us to have what we needed to feel closure in the loss of our loved one.

Char Feikema

January 19, 2021

Both of my parents passed away unexpectedly within two months of each other. Jeff and his team were very supportive and extremely compassionate in the services they provided. My sister and I appreciated their services so much!

Vickie Fikse

January 19, 2021

Caring, kindness, family, love …..all these words describe all the people at Hartquist Funeral Home. You are so helpful in the time of a loss. You make sure that the final resting place is just right for every family. You have helped with two of my family (eight years earlier you helped with our daughter's funeral arrangements). In my loss you guys were so helpful. There is no question you guys are the best!

Sharon Miller

December 28, 2020

Planning my dad's funeral was a lot different then planning for mom's funeral. At times it was hard not being able to talk to someone face to face because of COVID-19 and all the restrictions. The staff at Hartquist Funeral Home made it as easy as possible to listen to our wishes and put our minds at ease. Thank you!

Leann Hoogland

December 28, 2020

Our family is extremely grateful to Greta & the services provided for us in these difficult times. We were well informed on the burial process & treated with respect...

Kay Ponstein

December 10, 2020

Our family could not be more satisfied with the care and attention we received throughout the journey from first meeting post-death to burial. Jeff is excellent at what he does, and it's clear he hires the most compassionate, helpful staff. He explains everything clearly and senses when a second notice may be needed. He is very patient with younger family members; he explains things at their level and allows them to feel part of the planning. Jeff and his staff made the most heartbreaking time of my life bearable and honored my husband in the process.

Caroline Thorson

December 09, 2020

A job well done during difficult times!

Dr. Glenn Madsen

December 03, 2020

We cannot tell you how much we appreciated the way Lewis treated us! He is the greatest! Thank you, Lewis!

Lorna Beyers

November 30, 2020

Jeff and staff were caring and compassionate in our time of sorrow. Highly recommend Hartquist with the loss of a loved one.

Phil Benson

November 23, 2020

We want to thank Jeff for his professionalism. Very well done!

Gary Bush

November 23, 2020

Caring, very thorough, compassionate.

Michael Vance

November 18, 2020

All of our family commented how easy Jeff made our arrangements, so calm and easy.

Carol Wieneke

November 18, 2020

Even though burial was delayed in order to comply with COVID regulations, Mom looked wonderful.

Dale Tolk

November 18, 2020

Lewis was really wonderful; very thoughtful and caring! All details were handled with care! Wonderful service and care; would not change a thing!

Christi Christina

November 18, 2020

Very professional, yet also very compassionate in assisting in our mother's celebration of life. We were very well pleased in all the tiny details and for our mom looking very beautiful! Everything you did was appreciated very much.

Sandy Bush

November 18, 2020

Wouldn't go anywhere else! 100% trust! Fortunately (and unfortunately) our family has had a longtime relationship with Hartquist Funeral Home and Directors. Our mother started with Randy, and then, as sometimes it's hard to transition to someone else, we smoothly and warmly transitioned to Jeff (Randy's son). Most recently, we experienced the loss of our family leader, and Lewis was excellent!!! From the initial phone call to every last detail prior to, during, and weeks after the service and burial, Lewis has treated us with the most utmost respect and care! Exceptional service and care, Lewis!

Kerri Johnston

October 19, 2020

Thanks for all of your guidance and help from all of your staff. The folder and thank you notes were all very nice. After a year and two weeks at the Hospice House we saw a lot of people come and go. So glad we have service like this that makes us feel comfortable. Dorothy's Kids: Pat, Robert, Kathy, Karen & Ruth

Kathy Nepp

September 21, 2020

Your staff accommodated every need/desire in a timely manner. Thank you for the excellent care of both my parents. Special thanks to Lewis and Montana.

Cynthia Prange

September 21, 2020

Great people. Wonderful staff. Very easy to work with!

Stacy Lillico

September 21, 2020

You were perfect!

Kym O'Connell

September 21, 2020

My mom looked very nice and peaceful. Jeff is always friendly, helpful, and professional.

Cindy Kurtz

August 26, 2020

We chose Hartquist Funeral Home as an associate recommended you. My husband looked so at peace. We were well pleased. You couldn't have done anything better!

Florence Kannenberg

August 26, 2020

Hartquist did a fantastic job with Dad's funeral. We were able to do what we wanted with a few suggestions from Hartquists concerning the COVID crisis - thank you!

Kathy Guida

July 09, 2020

I was very pleased with the excellent service provided by the Hartquist Funeral Home staff - Greta, Montana, and Lewis were the best to work with. I had a nice conversation with Mr. Hartquist, too - he was very nice. The staff all made this difficult time - bearable. Greta provided all the details - gave me a checklist that was so helpful. My mom looked so nice. Montana took so many "extra" steps to see that our needs were met. Thank you ALL so much!

Renae Strand

July 09, 2020

Always top notch!

Brook Barnhart

July 06, 2020

The Hemme family is most grateful to you, Jeff, for going far beyond what is normal during the Covid quarantine. Your kindness and professionalism was one thing but you opened your heart to all of our family members. You paid close attention to every detail we requested. I know in my heart my mother would have been very pleased and proud of the way she was laid to rest. God's blessings to you and your family and staff.

Pamela Bindert

June 11, 2020

Just wanted to say "thank you" for the wonderful job in all areas of mom's funeral. I think we had the perfect funeral under pandemic times. Facemasks were provided and an outside graveside ceremony with lots of sunshine and wind to keep everyone safe. Again, thank you! Montana did a wonderful job!

Karen Trimble

May 27, 2020

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your respect and gentle nature during this difficult time. Our family really needed someone to advocate for us, as we were all shook with grief. You cared for our family and our loved one as we would have, and for that we are eternally grateful. Loved the dog!!!

Mary Butzer

March 26, 2020

The staff at Hartquist in Luverne were just amazing. They made sure to thoroughly go through everything, leaving little to no questions left unanswered the first time through the initial explanation period. Jeff and staff went above and beyond to be accommodating to our wants and needs. Mom looked 10 years younger - we were very impressed!

Deb Aanenson

March 26, 2020

We truly felt that Jeff viewed his work as a mission and calling. He made the process transparent, comforting, and easy at a difficult time by handling many details. Thank you for accommodating the family’s wishes during the Coronavirus. We could not have been in better hands,

Ken Olson

March 24, 2020

Your kindness, professionalism, and comfort to my sisters and I meant so much. Thanks for taking great care of Dad!

Shawn Lorenzen

November 14, 2019

Thank you for making the hardest days of my life easier. I was in a mental fog for about a week and knew that you would only ask me to make decisions that needed to be made when they needed to be made. You were very kind to Meghan and made sure that she felt like her voice was heard. I cannot thank you enough for that!

Lori Witte

November 14, 2019

I was extremely pleased!

Deb Pennington

November 14, 2019

Greta does a very good job and very kind. The ushers do a real good job, also.

Leona Mikkelsen

November 14, 2019

We were taken care of very well and treated with the utmost respect. We were very well served. I was so impressed with the pictures of all the floral bouquets and plants - so nice to have them in the book now and I can go back and look at them.

Karen Kelley

November 14, 2019

Our church social hall was not available at the time of our son's funeral so everything - service and the meal following - had to be done at the funeral home. They did an excellent job in meeting our needs.

Ardyth Bowen

September 18, 2019

You are #1. Hartquist Funeral Home continues to go beyond all expectations. Greta is amazing and gifted. We had to finish our planning over the phone and by emails. Her effort in communication, both ways, was so appreciated. She kept working toward the perfect funeral booklet that would be perfect for us all. You are lucky to have her and her many skills. Thank you for a perfect funeral mass for our mother.


September 02, 2019

Our family would like to thank Greta for leading us through a difficult time with compassion and grace. Your skills and professionalism kept us moving along in order to meet deadlines and you gracefully handled glitches without extra stress on us. You did a wonderful job of compiling the obituary and producing the folder in memory of Sam. We received several comments on what a nice write-up it was. The guest book, thank you cards, candle and DVD are also really well done. We appreciated the dignity and respect that you and the whole Hartquist staff brought to the visitation, funeral service and cemetery.

Annette Hedge & Family

September 01, 2019

We were extremely well taken care of by Jeff and all of his staff. A funeral is not an everyday occurrence, leaving a family uncertain of what to expect. Jeff was absolutely stellar from the first meeting at the hospital room, where he asked if we wanted to help move Carrie from the bed to his gurney and then explained to Eli and myself why we may want to assist him. He was very compassionate and might I say, professionally classy! I, we, cannot say enough good things about how our family was made to feel completely comfortable, important, and trusting. We are grateful!

Peter Bakken

August 16, 2019

Very happy with the professional way Jeff and his staff treated us.

Gary Overgaard

August 08, 2019

We couldn't be more satisfied! Excellent service!

Brian Top

August 08, 2019

Greta was fantastic to work with - so professional and composed, yet very kind and warm. She was very responsive to calls and texts, even over the weekend and was patient with all of our details and changes to the obituary and service order. We can't thank her enough for everything she did for our family.

Carla Thein

August 08, 2019

Everyone did a great job with us. They allowed the time for us to make decisions and gave us privacy when we needed it.

Roxy Bonnett

August 08, 2019

We were pleased with the service that we received. Greta and her staff were very helpful and caring of our wishes. They went the extra mile to ensure the type of celebration of life for Dad that we desired. I had worked previously with Chris and was always pleased with his work as well. It appears that Greta is a fine replacement.

Paul Fuhrmann

August 08, 2019

I knew Randy and Cindy from my previous work and I always knew because of them and the Hartquist reputation that when I could, I would use Hartquist to make pre-arrangements for myself and my wife. Lewis was very good and helpful, also so friendly.

Norman McCord

August 08, 2019

Keep doing the good work and services and keep great people to service your families!

Mary Lou Huntsman

August 08, 2019

Jeff Hartquist is outstanding in his profession. He can be trusted and shows true compassion at a difficult time. Jeff went above and beyond at our first viewing and we are forever grateful. He allowed us to laugh, cry and joke around. Jeff commented it was an honor to help us at this time. Jeff, I can’t imagine choosing any other funeral home to come alongside a family and be professional and caring at the same time. A sincere thank you for your services.

Laura Dykstra

March 27, 2019

In my career as a pastor, I have had the opportunity to work with many funeral homes. Many, unfortunately, seem to provide their services primarily for monetary gain. Hartquist Funeral Chapel is a business with a true heart of compassion for their clients. God bless you all for your help to our family!

Rev. S. Lynne Matthews

January 31, 2019

They are so caring. Plus they bring up points we don't always think of. Easy to work with. Everyone was wonderful. Everything was just breathtaking.

Denise Koch

Hartquist and staff made planning a memorial service from a great distance manageable and eased our uncertainties with their advice and assistance.

Cathy Wentworth

Greta was so wonderful to work with!! She walked us through everything and had great suggestions. She was agreeable to have Gary's brothers use their amp and guitars and it added so much to the service. Fifteen nursing home residents were brought over and they enjoyed hearing the Johnsons' music, probably for the last time. Gary used to entertain the nursing home monthly so it was a good way for them to be a part of Gary's service. We chose Hartquist as they were recommended by others. They do such good work!

Susan Johnson

Everything was perfect. They take special care for our loved ones and offer suggestions. It was just the way Doug would have wanted it to be. A celebration of life. Displays, video and photos were wonderful.

Diane Hamann

Hartquist went above and beyond on every request from our family.

Janice Flowers

I want to say "thanks" to Jeff for helping me with the arrangements for Jim. I've never had to do this for someone else besides my parents. You were a blessing to me. Thank you again.

Theresa Conklin

Everything was done so professionally and with compassion. We so appreciate all you've done for our family during this difficult time of loss of our loved one. Special thanks to Lewis who was there for us through it all. God bless you all!

Sharla Steuck

Lewis really made me feel good at the Service of Remembrance at the chapel. I had to attend alone, so it was difficult. He really helped me and was so sweet.

Stella Lingen

You guys were the best. You were all very professional, but at the same time kind, polite, concerned and caring during an impossibly difficult time. I don't know how you do it but you guys were the best. I am very grateful and appreciative.

Deb Kennedy

Best experience ever. Lewis did an outstanding job of taking care of our needs at every moment. We appreciated his comfort and timeliness - always anticipating what our next need would be.

Lee Gilmore

I never doubted your integrity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you all.

Ken Rood

The good things that stood out to me: Referring to my mother as "mom", not your mom but just "mom". She was brought from the Slayton church to Luverne after the visitation and back again the next day for the funeral, putting her in the funeral chapel and not leaving her in the garage - wow! The empathy and compassion - wow! Hartquist Funeral Home does an excellent job. Keep up the good work!!

Marianne Perkins

We (as a family) feel very satisfied with how everything was handled. We would certainly refer anyone to Greta if we were asked.

Shirley Hansen

It was just a given that we would choose Hartquist Funeral Home because you guys are great!

Janice Busse

Mom looked amazing and so at peace which was helpful to us. Greta was amazing! Very caring and thoughtful. Always very responsive when we were contacting her on a daily basis and sometimes multiple times in a day. Everyone was so respectful and patient with us during this difficult time. We really appreciate the professionalism and respectfulness you all provided to us and our mom/beloved. Thank you so much! You all made the planning and decision process so easy and seamless!

Shawna Smith, Amie Lingen, Neil Enderson, Justin Newell

Hartquist Funeral Home was recommended to us by many. We were very pleased with Hartquist through the process of mom's funeral. Jeff was very sensitive to our grief and very respectful of our wishes. He was honest and candid about costs and didn't pressure us to do more than what mom wanted. In areas where we were unsure of decisions, he was effective at communicating which options might be in our best interests. He was thorough about explaining things and very accessible by cell phone, email, texts, etc. We knew we were in good hands, but we didn't realize how good we had it until we worked with a Sioux Falls funeral home for my brother-in law's death a few months later. It was a completely different experience and we were grateful to have had Hartquist's standards so we knew what to ask for and which charges to question. Thank you, Jeff, for showing us and many others, the proper way to lay a loved one to rest. We feel blessed to have worked with you.

Lori Sorenson and the family of Rachel Kroontje

I so appreciated your guidance and comfort. Everything you did was done well. Thank you so much.

Eunice Bartels

In one word -- Exceptional! We are so fortunate to have Hartquist Funeral Home in Tyler and Greta! She is absolutely wonderful in every way! From the moment your funeral home was contacted we were given the utmost respect and care. Greta arrived very quickly with hugs and kind words. Your folders are the best! No other funeral home compares! Montana worked with us until the folders were perfect. She was awesome! Mom was absolutely gorgeous! She looked easily 20 years younger than just a few days before. So comforting to see mom as mom again!!! Your staff cared for us in ever way. It was very special to have Randy there, especially when he told us he was there jut a s much as a friend as a funeral director. Although I know how busy your funeral home is, we felt every moment that we were the only ones that mattered. Our family is very grateful for the care given mom and us.

Terri Lovre

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and organization of the staff. We could tell they cared so much about our daughter and taking care of her. Thank you so much for everything you guys did; big and small. We are forever grateful for choosing you, Jeff, and your staff!

Melissa Einck

What a great experience working with Jeff and his staff for our mom's visitation and funeral. Jeff was so very caring and thoughtful from the night mom passed away through visitation and her funeral. We especially appreciated the spiritual and religious aspects incorporated with the planning, which made it so much easier and comforting. We absolutely would recommend Hartquist Funeral Home to anyone in need.

Lauret Haupert

The ease of going through this was remarkable because things were taken care of so well. Jeff and his staff gave personal attention to our mother's pre-planning with his assistant Ms. Reese's advice and the choices were all ours! They respected all our mom's wishes and go the extra mile to help you with choices. These people are respectful of one's faith and religion. They demonstrate genuine care for all the family members while going through this loss. They consistently help families develop and move through in planning an facilitating the loss of your loved one so your family can focus on what is important to relatives and friends. They have excellent connections in directing you to professionals to help with planning a service and finding solutions to problems that come up with decisions and notifications. They made our "difficult, heart-ached time" a peaceful and pleasant reflection of love from family and friends.

Deborah Skyberg

Everything was great. Thank you!!

Steve Graphenteen

Thank you for all you did -- you all made everything very easy for us!

Brook Barnhart

My family has used Hartquist three times now. Every time was a wonderful experience. The compassion, professionalism and kindness of every staff member we worked with was commendable. Jeff was so easy to reach at any time and worked hard to make the process as easy as possible given the situation. We cannot offer higher praise for the Hartquist team. Thank you for everything you did for Joyce and the entire family.

Kelly Pap

Having Hartquist plan and serve our family with two funerals within 3.5 weeks of each other was a blessing. We dealt with different people for each, but we were so blessed each time. Jeff and Shela in Edgerton for Lloyd's mom and Greta in Tyler for Bev's mom -- all went above and beyond to make sure every detail and request was perfect! Thank you so very much to each and everyone of you! May God Bless you for the work you do!

Lloyd and Bev Van't Hof

The Service of Remembrance your facility provided proved to be a comforting experience. Being among families who experienced the same loss our family had endured helped me not only soothe my loss but share this distress with other individuals. The early Christmas table of cookies, bars, punch, and coffee further eased our losses. Thank you again for this sincere celebration of life.

Imogene Krogmann

We were extremely pleased with Lewis and the entire Hartquist staff. They made sure every detail was addressed, were very knowledgeable and showed true care and compassion in assisting our family through a very difficult time. There is no aspect of our experience we would change. Thank you for your service to our family and our communities!

Bruce Wing

Lewis and staff were all very professional, with "personal touch", which takes true empathy for someone else during their time of intimate crisis and grieving. Could not have asked for better results, from beginning to end.

Loren Pedersen

I have been impressed with many things from Hartquist. Your graphic ability is superb and always comes out so personal. Just love your compassion and services. I have seen Lewis and Montana at two funerals and both of them are so pleasant and easy to visit with. Appreciate their talents and assistance.

Rhonda Hubers

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided to our family at the time of our mom's death (Sarah Boeve). I was very fortunate to interact with several staff and you provided top-notch service, once again! Greta - working with you to pre-fund was the perfect start. You are very knowledgeable, pleasant, and a pleasure to plan with. At visitation and funeral you made sure we were happy with the way mom looked and you were quick to do touch ups. We felt very comfortable going to you for requests and you were quick to honor. We are very fortunate to have you in Tyler. Lewis came to the nursing home to care for mom after she died, very respectful and personable. Montana did a great job of meeting with all five of us children to plan. You did very well and even laughed with us, and maybe at us, and our quirky senses of humor. Greta, you picked up where Montana dropped off - the transition was seamless! Communication amongst all of you is great! Randy - it meant a lot to see you attend/serve and also to share Chris Johnson's condolences with us. I know that you have greeted our mom as a friendly and familiar face at several funerals through the years. Thank you for your service to our communities! Aftercare/Grief Support - I appreciate the 365 Days of Healing emails, the Service of Remembrance, etc. These special touches have assisted me in my grief journey. Tyler may not have much choice anymore when it comes to local funeral homes but we would have chosen Hartquist anyway. Given our wonderful experience 1- years ago with our dad (Ervin Boeve), we knew Hartquist was the right place for us and our mom. Thank you!

Karen Blanlchett

Montana did an exceptional job under our difficult circumstances. We are thankful for her guidance and personalization as we requested. Thank you!

Suzanne Walter-Gleason

The services Hartquist Funeral Home provided were excellent. Everything from the picture board frames provided for the picture displays to the surprise of finding my father's obituary in the local paper when I returned home impressed my family with the services Hartquist provided. All the bases were covered. I would highly recommend the Hartquist Funeral Home to everyone in the area.

Mark Kroontje

We have attended other funerals and everything was done in a professional manner.

Don Schouwenburg

Without a doubt, the Hartquist team provided the most caring and professional, yet personal support, as we laid our dear mom to rest. We will always recommend their services to anyone in need.

Arlene Remme Family

Excellent service with dignity and Christian care. I recommend you to others. You go over the top to make us feel well cared for. I loved seeing your dog there. Animals can help us through a tough time, too. All your staff was very good to us. Loved how you touched up our photos to make a lovely life history show. Thank you so much!

Ruth Kannenberg

Words cannot describe how happy we were with Jeff and his team as they guided us through a difficult time. We were impressed with Jeff's professionalism and kindness from the moment he met us at the Veterans home. Jeff allowed my sister and I to assist in moving dad from his room to the coach. Though this may seem like a small thing, it was very meaningful and special to both of us. Even with all the prearrangements and planning mom and dad had done, there were still decisions to make. Jeff patiently took us through each step of the way. He and his team were extremely organized, efficient and helpful. We continually made changes to the obituary program graphics and video, trying to make everything perfect. Jeff and his team were patient and respectful to the changes we wanted because the details were important to us. Jeff was so easy to work with. It is difficult to imagine the entire process could have gone any smoother. We were truly blessed. You are the best!

Marvin Hawes' Family: Sharon (wife), Curt, Connie, Amy, Sharon (children)

As I mentioned in our thank you, we were very pleased with all aspects of mom's funeral and visitation. We had a lot of our own ideas and special requests and they were all met with respect and dignity. Mom was an amazing lady and I believe she would have been more than pleased with the manner in which she was laid to rest. We felt very cared for and never felt rushed or that we were a burden. Thank you to all!


Under the CDC/COVID19 situation, we were very satisfied with how Montana helped us within the uncertain time and changes. We were "thankfully" just inside the beginning of the restrictions so were able to have a funeral for my dad, Gordon, as he would have wanted it, even though it was only immediate family, pastor, organist, and funeral staff. Dad loved funerals he attended that Randy Hartquist serviced and he deserved a funeral of the caliber Randy provided. We thought Montana did her best!

Gordon Holt Family

I was totally surprised at the follow-up after the funeral. I'm a procrastinator and I know I would have waited to deal with my grief and feelings til long after - it at all. Thank you for the gentle nudge forward. Your caring and professionalism were outstanding and I thank the good Lord that we chose you. You made the process less stressful. Once again, thank you for our service - you will come highly recommended!

Nora Halverson

We will be recommending you to everyone we know. You made the transition from Michigan to Luverne so easy for us. You took all the thinking out of it. You made the hardship with the virus so minimal. You showed us so much love and compassion.You were all amazing and such a blessing to us all. We cannot thank you enough!

Monica Facile

The burial was so comforting and special to all in attendance, even though we had to keep the gathering to 10 or under. I thought we really honored Carolyn which she so deserved. I'm sure she was smiling! Thank you all so much!

Beverly Gylling

I couldn't have been happier or more comforted by Lewis - my thanks! It's been a difficult journey with all the COVID-19 restrictions - hopefully we will be able to have a proper burial in the near future - until then we so appreciate your support and helpfulness. Our continual thanks as we hope for eventual closure.

Yvonne Hoffman

We chose Hartquist Funeral Home because the staff was so helpful and caring for our family. You are the best!

Connie Hillard

Keep doing what you are doing! Thank yo so very much for everything!

Linda Schoon

Lewis was really good with our family the night Dennis died as we had many questions and concerns. Stacy was very helpful with writing of the obituary. Jeff was easy to talk and work with while making plans. Jerry and Jeff were professional and friendly at the memorial service. Jeff, we were impressed with you talking and explaining to our kids to help them understand. Thank you so much from our family as we were very satisfied with your service.

Doreen Hansen

The whole team works together well and are truly caring people, from picking up dad at his house and offering to including us in preparing for transport and allowing time with him. Jeff helping plan the celebration and being able to write up the obituary to be perfect from the information we gave him. The job they do for families at the most difficult time of their lives. He gives them peace of mind.

Beth Kalass

Long before my mom passed, I visited Hartquist Funeral Home many times over the years with my mom as many of her friends passed. I was always pleased with the care and friendliness of your staff. All your staff was very helpful and provided excellent service and care. We all want to especially thank Lewis for all his help!

Maggy Pierret

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