Why Plan Ahead?

It's simple and free.

There are typically between 50 - 200 decision to be made and questions to be answered when a death occurs. Almost all of these can be made in advance. Our caring professionals will take time to educate you about the different elements of ceremony and how they can aid in the death care journey. Once you then become an informed about death care, you will then be able to combine various elements to create a ceremony reflective of your life or a loved one's life. An well planned ceremony often aids in the beginning of a healthy grief journey.

Benefits of Pre-Planning:

  • Provides education to make informed decisions.
  • Avoids decision making based purely on emotion.
  • Allows for thought to be put into personalizing a ceremony, thus making it more meaningful.
  • At a time of so many unknown emotions, a pre-planning provides a known to your loved one's so that they do not feel lost.
  • Eliminates the search for documents and information. You can also provide list for your family where to find titles, documents, financial accounts, etc.

What information should I know about Pre-Funding?

Pre-funding is simple as well. Our caring staff with take the time to educate you about our General Price List. We will take the time to show you not only the funeral home's charges, but also educate you about other "funeral related" expenses to give you a true depiction of what total funeral expenses can be anticipated.

Not all funeral homes are alike. Our funeral home maintains a licensed insurance agent on staff. We can then choose to place your funds into a burial-insurance product that provides you the highest growth on the funds you set aside. This is unlike some other area funeral homes that choose to take high commissions out of the funds you are setting aside for their benefit, which thus gives you little growth on your funds that are set aside.

Also, in the state of Minnesota, for consumer protection, if a consumer has pre-funded their funeral home, but are no longer satisfied with that provider, pre-funded funeral arrangements and the interest growth are 100% transferable. Our caring staff can assist you if you need assistance with this service.

Benefits to Pre-Funding:

  • Allows you to protect funds from a nursing home.
  • Provides a legal way of wealth-transfer to your surviving family.
  • Eliminates surviving family of having a financial burden following a funeral.
  • Is a safe investment of your money that will not be at risk of the market.
  • Are easily transferred if you move anywhere in the United States.

What if my preferences change over time?

Once you create a pre-planing record with us, we store it in our file. Your plan can be updated at any time. Simply make us aware of the change, we will then record it and return you with a copy of your updated pre-planning record. You can even change your service type or allocation of money if you have already pre-funded.

Where Do I Start?

It is as easy as completing our 'Life History and Service Planning Guide' found on our website. Once completed, simply return via email, mail or drop off at one of our locations. You can also contact us to schedule a time to meet with a member of our caring staff to discuss your options, design your plan in person and only if you choose, further discuss options regarding pre-funding.

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