Hartquist Funeral Home and Cremation Service is full service death care & establishment. We are able to meet all of your requests. We encourage you to express your expectations and preferences; we are promise to educate you about it.

Our service include the following, but are not limited to...

Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service includes a viewing that is held at a scheduled time, usually the evening prior, and is followed by a funeral ceremony. Services can be held at a church, at our funeral home or in another place of your choosing. Following the ceremony a burial of the body usually takes place. Often times, the burials & is followed by a reception for & family and guest.

Traditional Cremation Funeral Service

A traditional cremation funeral services that is similar to a traditional funeral service, except that cremation takes place after the ceremony instead of burial. Often times, the ceremony is followed by a reception for family and guests. A special casket is often used for the loved one to be viewed and following the ceremony. The lining to the casket also functions as the alternative container required by the state of Minnesota to be used for cremation of the body. Following the cremation process, there are many options for the final disposition of the cremated remains, including burial, entombment, scattering or keeping the cremated remains privately.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is any formal ceremony held without the presence of the body. Memorial services often follow cremation, burial, entombment or scattering of cremated remains. A private viewing is still an option prior to cremation.

Graveside Service

When a graveside service is selected, a formal ceremony is held at a cemetery instead of at a church or funeral home. A viewing, either private or public, may or may not be done prior to the graveside service.


Military Service

Military funeral honors are available for eligible veterans and include the firing of three rifle volleys, playing of 'Taps', and presentation of the United States flag. A veteran and their family may choose to encorporate one, two, or all three honors in any ceremony. For more information, please visit our "veterans benefits" section by selecting the resources tab at the top of this page.


Direct Burial

A direct burial is available to families that do not wish to have any ceremony. Final dispositions takes place usually within 72 hours.

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